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Chocolate Mousse Topped Sponge Cupcakes – Fructose Free

  Our 8 year old birthday girl opted for her favourite dessert this year, bread & butter pudding, instead of her usual request for a birthday cake of architectural significance (accompanied by wildly high expectations of her mother’s cake decoration skills).   Yay!  But I couldn’t help myself and went ahead and made some cute […]

Sticky Sweet Garlic & Soy Chicken Wings – Fructose Free

  This recipe is developed in honour of my young nephew Fletcher, who’s favorite meal is ‘Honey Soy Chicken Wings’ (honey being half fructose).  As requested by his mother, who would like to fool him with a fructose free version, since the dish is in high rotation on their household dinner menu.  So, after many […]

A Fructose-Free Pantry Makeover

  My pantry has had several makeovers since I enforced a fructose-free change upon it.  Immediately after reading ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’, I piously tossed out nearly every thing with a sugar content.  Whereupon it quickly began to resemble Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. (You know… the one that was bare?  Oh, never mind.)  Out went […]


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