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Sticky Coconut Caramel Cake – Fructose Free

  Have I mentioned my long-standing fetish for caramel?  Yes, well I have to admit it is still travelling along in fine form.  It’s kind of acheter sildenafil 100mg pfizer nice to have such a staunch quality in my personality that it may be relied upon, no questions asked. You often hear people these days […]

Intense Chocolate Fudge Brownies – Fructose Free

  Fudge-y chocolate brownies…  There’s not really much else that needs to be said.   (Well apart from: ‘Fructose free, gluten free, wheat free’.)  Chocolate, in any form, kind of speaks for itself.   Lots of really dark Dutch processed donde puedo conseguir viagra sin receta cocoa powder went into these brownies, because we […]

A Healthy Carrot Cake Masquerades As Decadent

    I don’t know.  You put carrots in a thing, and then call it dessert?  What kind of bizarre talk is that?     And zucchini?  …That’s another vegetable.     SO many eggs?  Are you sure this is a cake, and not a frittata?         …Well I do admit that the combination is […]


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