A Birthday Cake – 2 Year Old Girl Style



Our tiny daughter  Brienne isn’t really very tiny anymore.  Today she is 2.  It’s hard to believe that much time has gone past since she joined our family, but there it is.


I always try to make a special cake for my kids birthdays.  I’m a bit of an artsy fartsy girl at heart, and cake sculpture is my only artistic outlet these days.  Brienne is currently obsessed with fluffy stuffed animals.  Particularly teddies, or puppies (and I thought it would be easier buy levitra bulk us to make a teddy cake, so went with that).


I used the same cake recipe as I did in this post: A Birthday Cake – 9 Year Old Boy Style.  With the batter from that recipe I made one 19 cm round cake, one 10 cm round cake (filled really full, so that it was a ‘tall’ cake), and 6 cupcakes.


Once the cakes were all cool, I cut a wedge shape out of the 19 cm one, which became the space between the teddy’s legs. I put a thin layer of icing over the rest of the 19 cm cake, then stacked the wedge shape on top to become the teddy’s body.  Using a serrated knife, I cut a curved shape out of the ‘body’ so that the 10 cm cake could rest in that space, on it’s side, rounded ‘muffin top’ part facing forward to become the teddy’s head (the rounded cake top is the teddy’s face). 


For the paws and ear, I took a few teaspoons of icing, and added extra icing dextrose to make a thick, formable paste.  Made the shapes I wanted, and then put them in the fridge to set.


I used several wooden skewers to hold the whole thing together.  Icing became glue, cupcakes became feet, arms, tail, and ears (plus a few other bits of cupcake to shape the legs and prop up the arms).  And then, using my serrated knife again, I trimmed the whole thing into the shape of a teddy (I had a stuffed one in front of me to use as a model).  A thin layer of icing over the entire thing made the piped icing stick better, and stopped crumbs from migrating into annoying places.


A truckload of patience, and an icing bag with Wilton tip #233 (grass and hair tip) saw the teddy covered in ‘fur’.  The eyes were smarties, and the nose, licorice strap… and those 3 bits were the only ones with any fructose content.  And the shapes made earlier for the paws and ears went on last.


That’s another cake down for this year… with the next one to come in June!





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