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Sweet Curry Chicken. Mmm…

  When I was a kid, sometimes another family would be brave enough to have ours over for a meal and visit.  I had lots of favorite families to visit, but I always remember one in particular.  We didn’t have to drive far to get there, they had kids, even the adults were great fun, […]

One For The Lunchbox: Fructose Free Muesli Bars

  My kids have just gone back to school. There is only marginally less chaos in the house due to the toddler still being in it. But even so, there are still certain things I like about ‘Back To School’. And some things that I don’t. One thing I kind of hate is the packing […]

Coffee Scrolls For Valentines Day

  When I met Lincoln in August 1996, his favorite biscuits (‘cookies’ to non-Australians) were acheter viagra Coffee Scrolls:  A crunchy cinnamon flavoured bit of loveliness with a big pink dot of hard icing on top.  I can’t remember which company made them (Arnotts maybe?) but I loved them too.  They really were just so perfect […]

A Fructose-Free Pantry Makeover

  My pantry has had several makeovers since I enforced a fructose-free change upon it.  Immediately after reading ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’, I piously tossed out nearly every thing with a sugar content.  Whereupon it quickly began to resemble Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. (You know… the one that was bare?  Oh, never mind.)  Out went […]

A Healthy Carrot Cake Masquerades As Decadent

    I don’t know.  You put carrots in a thing, and then call it dessert?  What kind of bizarre talk is that?     And zucchini?  …That’s another vegetable.     SO many eggs?  Are you sure this is a cake, and not a frittata?         …Well I do admit that the combination is […]


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