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Iced Tea… A Cool Idea

    It is hot today!  And massively humid! I can happily take either one without the other, but both together equals a miserable me.  Ugh.  (Don’t worry… that’s my whinge finished.) This kind of day just calls for a cold drink.  Once upon a time I would have said ‘Coke!’ (which is full of […]

Toasted Muesli Makes Breakfast Easy. Or Lunch.

  Breakfast is difficult.  Some mornings it’s hard to think past the first coffee or two, never mind having to make a decision about what on earth I feel like eating.  I try to eat low carb foods most of the time.  I like to save my carb intake for amazing taste sensations.  They never […]

A Very Necessary Condiment: Heinz-ish Ketchup

I grew up in Canada, and let me tell you, we North Americans like our condiments. A well stocked North American fridge should have at least an entire shelf given over to condiment storage (or most of the narrow shelves on the fridge door anyway). There really ought to be ketchup, mustard (yellow for sure, […]

Crème Brûlée: Velvety. Melty. Creamy. Crunchy.

I am trying to decide what my favorite thing about Crème Brûlée is. The velvety texture? The way each spoonful is firm for a moment, and then melts in my mouth? The creamy sweet-but-not-too-sweet vanilla flavour? The contrast of a crunchy caramelized topping?   The fact that it does not incite the carb guilts the way wheat laden treats do? […]

A Birthday Cake: 9 Year Old Boy Style

  It seems I have gotten into a ritual of birthday cake sculpture for my kids. I have always tried to do something in keeping with whatever their current obsession happens to be. (Ninjago, in the case of my 9 year old son this year). When I began this I only had one little baby. […]


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