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Introducing: A Moist Vanilla Cupcake

You know those times when you find yourself sitting in a comfy chair, gazing off into space thinking warm fuzzy thoughts and daydreaming of a moist, tender cupcake that melts in your mouth? No? Oh well, maybe that’s just me…     Sadly though, I was woefully disappointed the first few times I made fructose […]

A Gingersnap With Snap

What is it about Christmas and ginger? They kind of seem to go hand in hand somehow. Almost as cozy as a romance. Well maybe not, but anyway, it’s only a week out from Christmas day… which we are going to be spending with Lincoln’s (my husband’s) family, most of whom still cook with sugar. […]

A Snickerdoodle Story

So today is all about my love affair with the delightful Snickerdoodle cookie.  (Such an odd name!) I have an aunt who used to always make them at Christmas time, and I always loved their cinnamon-y deliciousness. I find Christmas quite a suitable time for nostalgia of all sorts, so this week seemed a perfect […]

Why bother?

Post #1 is an odd thing isn’t it? You kind of feel like you ought to explain yourself, and justify to the general public (who may potentially someday read about a portion of your life) just why it is you think you have anything of interest to put out there.   I mean there are […]


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